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Crochet Ideas

*1*Use lampshade patterns for flower pot covers! by Jennie *2*This may or may not be a new idea but it's new to I bought an over the door shoe hanger to put crochet thread in for storage. It works wonderfully, the pockets are clear so you can see it all, I work primarily in thread and can get 2 balls in each pocket. by Cindy *3*I usually weave the ends in by cutting the yarn about 6 to 12 inches from the end and, using an embroidery needle or those huge plastic needles for yarn, weave the ends into the stitches three or four rows down and back up again. Before cutting the excess, pull the fabric slightly to make sure it is weaved in firmly enough. If the finished item is destined for rugged use, I sometimes reinforce it by taking a hot, extinguished match and melting the end slightly to the wrong side of the item if the material is synthetic or a small drop of permanant glue if it is a natural material. This does seem like a lot of work, but it has always worked for me as I have yet never had a "tail" come loose. by Robin *4*I wonder if something like the Aleene's product "Okay To Wash It" or something else like that would work. Generally doesn't make the clothing too stiff and is washable (by hand is recommended) in a gentle cycle. by Lydia

Fabulous Crochet Link

Crochet Designs
Simply divine free patterns!


Monday's child plays with hooks;
Tuesday's child buys all the books.
Wednesday's child plays with thread;
Thursday's child crochets on her head.
The LYS has to close for the day,
when Friday's child comes their way.
Saturday's child prefers beads;
but Sunday's child has mastered all of these.
by Maggie

Acronyms and other crochet info...

Crochet-related acronyms:
CP:) = Crochet Partners with a smiley (the official logo of the discussion group)
PAS = Pattern Acquisition Syndrome
YAS = Yarn Acquisition Syndrome
MAS = Magazine Acquisition Syndrome
*Note: ___ Acquisition Syndrome is the uncontrollable desire to amass great quantities of ___ than you will ever need!
Net-related acronyms:
BTW = By the way
IMHO = In my humble opinion
FWIW = For what its worth
LOL = Laughing out loud
OTOH = On the other hand
RT*M =Read the * manual (or RT*FAQ)
ROFL =Rolling on the floor laughing
TIA =Thanks in advance
TTYL = Talk to you later
DH = Dear Husband
MIL = Mother-in-law
SIL = Sister-in-law
SO = Significant Other (boyfriend/girlfriend)
There are also acronyms used for the different exchanges on the list but you can quickly decipher them as they are abbreviations of the exchange name. For example, FGX = Friendship Granny Exchange.
Here are some others:
WIP - Work in progress
WIM - Work in mind
FO - finished objects
UFO - unfinished objects
-by Kim